The day to day cost of running the church can just about be met from its regular income. But this leaves no resources when major works become necessary. Over the last few years substantial sums have been needed repair the guttering, for re-shingling, and for providing a the new window; in 2011 we helped fund the re-tiling of part of the roof.

During 2012 we replaced the existing boiler at a total cost of over £5,000 funded entirely by F.R.O.S.T. And in early 2013, F.R.O.S.T . funded a £15 000 refurbishment of the interior of the Church.

The support of The Friends is the main source of funds to ensure that the fabric of the church will be preserved for future generations to use and enjoy. We should always remember the words of Barry Preece on his retirement, when he said that in his view the Church would not now be going without F.R.O.S.T.'s support